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WDC6502, WDC, The Western Design Center, Inc.

W65C02i1M08SC 6502 FPGA Microcontroller

W65C02i1M08SC 6502 FPGA Microcontroller

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The W65C02i1M08SC is the 8–bit 6502-based microcontroller featured in MyMENSCH Rev-A.

NOTE:  This is a preprogrammed FPGA product (can be easily reprogrammed through JTAG or stand-alone programmer by the end user or 3rd party vendor). 

Features of the W65C02i1M08SC

  • Intel PSG 10M08SCU169C8G FPGA with 8,000 Logic Elements Available
  • Operating Voltage – 3.3V
  • W65C02RTL MPU @ 14.7456 MHz with external memory bus for memory and module expansion
  • W65C22RTL VIA (x2)
  • W65C51RTL ACIA (x3) – ACIA XTLI Operation Speed – 1.8432 MHz
  • W65CGPIO 5 register and 2 register
  • De-bounced Keypad GPIO_A
  • W65CHBM Hardware Breakpoint Module
  • SPI Master
  • I2C Master
  • WDC 2K byte for 2048 bytes of CFM MyMENSCH™ Monitor for boot loading and debugging code
  • 30K bytes for a total of 30,720 bytes for User code SRAM boot loaded from USB or copied from UFM
  • 12K bytes for a total of 12,288 bytes for data SRAM
  • JTAG available on MyMENSCH™ Rev-A on J4
  • 16×16 Hardware multiplier (x2 – Signed and Unsigned)
  • 32K bytes for a total of 32,768 bytes of User FLASH Memory (UFM)
  • 64-bit Unique Chip ID/serial number programmed in the Intel MAX10 factory
  • 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 Unique IDs
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