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WDC6502, WDC, The Western Design Center, Inc.

W65C134SXB - 6502 based Microcomputer Board

W65C134SXB - 6502 based Microcomputer Board

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Simple microcomputer board from the trusted source of the 6502 microprocessor family.  This board helps you learn and develop with WDC's W65C134S microcomputer.


  • 8-bit 6502-based Microcomputer (3.6864 MHz) on board with WatchDog Timer, 1x UART, IO, Serial Interface Bus
  • 40-pin XBUS Expansion Connector with Address, Data, and Microprocessor control signals
  • 3x8 IO Expansion Port Connectors
  • Serial Interface Bus Connectors for Token Passing Local Area Network
  • Powered by USB (5V) for ease of connection to PC, MAC, Android Smartphone
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